Butch Nasty and The Blackout Kids

Hometown:  Berkeley, Oakland, CA
Influences:  The Germs, The Stones



Junkie Blood was a four piece band from Berkeley, California composed of Zach Peterson, Woodrow Currie, Paul Bowman, and Mike Wright. After the disappearance of Woodrow, Zach created a robot made of beer cans known as JB-7, what was supposed to be the perfect being. Little did Zach know his creation would turn on him, leaving him with little choice but to launch the robot to Mars. The robot, only capable of swearing and drinking, made its way back to earth to create Butch Nasty and his Blackout Kids. Junkie Blood, now forever in the heart of the robot, lives on. But Butch Nasty and The Blackout Kids will take it from here.

Junkie Blood:

Zach Peterson-Vocals
Woodrow Currie-Guitar
Paul Bowman-Drums
Mike Wright-Bass

Previous members include Jack Kodros and Beau Demkar.

Butch Nasty and The Blackout Kids is:

Zach Peterson-Butch Nasty (vocals)
Paul Bowman-St. Paul (drums, vocals)
Mike Wright-Dr. Right (Dr. Wrong)- (guitar, vocals)
Darwin Doud-The Darwin (bass, vocals)
Brian Azevedo-Brian O’blivion (guitar, vocals)

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Butch Nasty and the Blackout Kids is Zach Peterson, Paul Bowman, Mike Wright, Brian Azevedo, and Darwin Doud.